Watch Nardwuar Gift boygenius With Their Own Custom Guitar Pedal

Nardwuar, human serviette and deep-dive interviewer extraordinaire, welcomed boygenius to Neptoon Records in Vancouver for his latest video segment. As usual, he dug up a ton of trivia about the band members that they’d mostly forgotten about themselves and drew connections that they’d never made before (such as the skeleton suit that Neko Case, one of Phoebe Bridgers’ idols, wore way back in 1996). He also showered Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus with gifts, including a custom “triple boost” guitar pedal with his face and their names. Dacus also explained the genesis of the band’s matching Nudie Suit-style patch jackets. I learned a lot and found the whole endeavor quite charming. Watch below.


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