The Miniature Songs And Massive Emotions Of PinkPantheress’ Heaven Knows

The thing you have to understand about PinkPantheress’s Heaven Knows is that it contains a (synth) harp-filled song about an unrequited crush metaphorically murdering her, called “Ophelia.” The album has lots of songs about dying for love, actually, with the musical palette to match. Dramatic quasi-Gregorian chants introduce the romantically fatalist “Capable Of Love”; dramatic quasi-organ and melted hearts populate opener “Another Life”; dramatic quasi-panpipe and Linkin Park piano loops permeate the aptly titled “Feelings.” This variety of teenage melodrama should feel familiar to anyone whose Internet browser has ever autocompleted the URL “” or anyone hoarding leftover makeup from a high-school emo phase. And if that’s you, PinkPantheress was like you too, as she told Alternative Press: “Emo lyrics are just so theatrical and camp and over the top. It’s never just, ‘I’m having a bad day’ — it’s, ‘I’m gonna dieeeee!’”


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