The Killers Apologize For Bringing Russian Fan Onstage In Georgia, Telling Crowd They’re All “Brothers”

The Killers performed this evening at the Black Sea Arena in Batumi, Georgia, where they drew boos from the crowd for inviting a drummer onstage who happened to be Russian. The Killers typically invite a fan onstage to help perform “For Reasons Unknown”; tonight’s guest revealed he was from Russia. Attempting a moment of Russian-Georgian unity, Flowers called Russians and Georgians “brothers,” which caused the crowd the erupt in protest. “You can’t recognize that someone’s your brother?” Flowers asked. “He’s not your brother? We all separate on the borders of our countries?” In addition to booing, many people reportedly left the show in protest. Later on the Killers ended their set without saying goodbye. Now, the band has shared an apology on social media. “Good people of Georgia, it was never our intention to offend anyone!,” they wrote.


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