Rick Ross & Meek Mill’s Too Good To Be True Proves That Time Is A Flat Circle

Just before being sent into eternity, a chief villain of True Detective Season 1 annoyed stoic anti-hero Rust Cohle (Matthew McConnaughey) with a brief lesson in metaphysical philosophy. Resting his knees in the dirt below the gleaming Louisiana sun, Reginald Ledoux spoke at a tone just above a murmur as he issued a prophetic promise: “You’ll do this again. Time is a flat circle.” It’s a Nietzsche reference, but it feels like the arbitrary rambling of a mad man. As it applies to the plot, though, it’s more like a premonition. By the end of the season, 17 years later, Rust and his partner Marty (Woody Harrelson) have overcome both an epic bro fight and systemic corruption to engage in a shootout with a familiar foe — moths to the flame of eternal recurrence.


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