Perennial – “Hippolyta!”

The New England band Perennial play a rousing, danceable form of post-hardcore that strikes me as extremely Xennial — as in, the RIYLs include Blood Brothers and Refused, and I can imagine them touring with Pretty Girls Make Graves or Electric Six. For their upcoming EP The Leaves Of Autumn Symmetry, they teamed with TWIABP’s Chris Teti for a hi-fi “studio-as-instrument” reworking of songs from their 2017 debut album The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves. (See, I told you they were from New England.) Our latest preview of the project is “Hippolyta!” Like “Dissolver” before it, it’s a big, fun shout-along rager that I want to download slowly via a dial-up modem. Hear both songs below.


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