On Lana Del Rey’s All Things Go Set And The Scream-Along Singalong Phenomenon

The scream-along singalong has come for Lana Del Rey, and that’s how you know that the scream-along singalong has permeated just about every corner of the big-deal live-music business. The scream-along singalong is not a new phenomenon, but it’s distinct from the simple, regular singalong that’s been a staple of stadium-rock shows since before I was born. In the scream-along singalong, audiences don’t just sing the words of the song. They howl those words at top volume, giving little mind to melody or modulation or anything else that might temper the purgative force of their collective voice. I’ve always associated the scream-along singalong with hardcore and emo; Dashboard Confessional is still the artist I most associate with the phenomenon. But those days are over. These days, everyone is Dashboard Confessional. Even Lana Del Rey is Dashboard Confessional.


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