Midwife & Nyxy Nyx – “it’s ok 2 lie 2 me” & “Andy”

Two bands from thousands of miles apart got together and made two remarkable new songs. Today’s single “it’s ok 2 lie 2 me” b​/​w “Andy” is the result of a collaboration between Midwife (the project of New Mexico’s Madeline Johnston, specializing in heavy, celestial slowcore) and Nyxy Nyx (the Philadelphia band whose Bandcamp bio reads “psychedelic gothic punk art rock freaks learning how to play the recorder in 3rd grade”). The A-side is slow, tender, and airy. The B-side adds more of a live band feel to that sound with similarly gorgeous results. Both songs are so staggeringly good that this might be the best new release available on Bandcamp Friday. Don’t sleep.


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