Lydia Loveless – “Runaway”

Toothache,” the lead single from Lydia Loveless’ new album Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again, was the kind of catchy, upbeat roots-rock song they made their name on, laced with some nice power-pop touches for style points. New single “Runaway” succeeds in different ways. It’s a moody midtempo piece with a lush, piano-led arrangement that, once it gets cooking, reminds me of Bruce Hornsby with a slight country twist. “Every time I go to the airport, I try to miss my flight,” Loveless begins. “Every time I drive on the highway, I wanna jerk the wheel to the right/ Every time I walk on the sidewalk I want to step into the road/ Let this Kia flatten me ’cause I don’t want to go home.” It might be my favorite Lydia Loveless song to date.


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