Hear Three New Britney Spears Remixes From The Crossroads Soundtrack Reissue

Next week, Britney Spears will publish her tell-all memoir The Woman In Me, and some of the book’s revelations are already coming out. But that book isn’t the only product that Britney is putting out into the world. Crossroads, her 2002 cinematic vehicle, is coming back to theaters next week. It should make for one hell of a time capsule. Shona Rhimes wrote the script! Tamra Davis directed it! Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana are Britney’s best friends! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds captain Anson Mount is the love interest! Jesse Camp and Kool Moe Dee have cameos! I need to stop looking at this Wikipedia page. Anyway, there’s also a new reissue of the Crossroads soundtrack, and it’s got some remixes on it.


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