Hear Self Defense Family’s Cover Of Neil Young’s “On The Beach” From New Live Album

For a long time, you couldn’t go more than a few months without getting a new Self Defense Family record. Self Defense, a revolving-lineup band built around singer Patrick Kindlon, were a prolific cult force, and you had to be a dedicated head to keep up with all of it. (One of the band’s members, at least part of the time, was Ian Shelton, from Militarie Gun and Regional Justice Center.) Lately, though, Kindlon has been busy with Drug Church. There hasn’t been a Self Defense album since 2018’s Have You Considered Punk Music?, though there was also a 2020 archival series and a 2021 graphic-novel soundtrack. This week, we’re getting a new Self Defense live album, and it includes a cover of a Neil Young classic.


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