European Screamo Bands Alas ​& ​Maremarcio Have A Sick New Split Single

Every time the Finnish screamo band Alas release a new song, that song is good. The Jyväskylä combo’s latest expression of excellence is “Yksin ei täällä näe kauas,” their half of a new split with Parma’s own Maremarcio. Until its soft, pretty finale, the track is two minutes of nonstop controlled chaos, laced with surprising amounts of melody to offset the harsh vocals a la Fucked Up. Maremarcio’s “Jupiter” is slower and more plodding but just as harmonically rich, and it evolves into a gorgeous churning extended outro that takes the Italians somewhere closer to shoegaze or meat-and-potatoes indie rock. Both songs are well worth hearing, so listen below.


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