Dismemberment Plan Members Form New Band Milliseconds: Hear Debut Single “Time And Distance”

Bassist Eric Axelson and drummer Joe Easley have been holding down steady yet peculiar rhythms together for almost 30 years, ever since Easley joined Axelson in Washington, DC’s legendary Dismemberment Plan in the mid-1990s. The Plan played many shows in those days with the Vehicle Birth, a group from nearby Fairfax that counted guitarist Leigh Thompson as a member. In 2006, after the D-Plan and Vehicle Birth had both broken up, Axelson and Easley became bandmates with Thompson in Statehood, a group led by the late Clark Sabine. After Sabine’s death from cancer in 2009, the remaining members of Statehood (a fantastic name for a band from DC) decided it felt too weird to keep playing together. Axelson and Easley reunited with the Dismemberment Plan for some shows and an album in the early 2010s on some weekend warrior shit. Life carried on.


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