Days Are Gone Turns 10

Pop stans like to throw around the phrase “cultural reset.” As in, when x artist released y album, it was a cultural reset — it changed everything. It could rightly refer to game-changing albums like Beyoncé’s self-titled surprise drop or Frank Ocean’s fearlessly minimal Blonde, and certainly to BC/AD moments like the mainstream breakthroughs of the Beatles or Nirvana. But the phrase is often deployed recklessly, on some “Charlie Brown had hoes” shit. A BTS song that debuted at #1 and then plummeted down the chart without ever grazing the zeitgeist? Cultural reset. Some Charlie Puth single that inspired some positive blog chatter but barely made it on the radio? Cultural reset. Any music ever released by Chloe or Halle Bailey, together or separately, into a vacuum of global indifference? Cultural reset.


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