Blink-182 Turns 20

No big band ever really goes away. The Beatles just released a new old song. Talking Heads will sit down together for interviews about how great Stop Making Sense is, deep-seated personal beefs be damned. Even punk, the longtime stronghold against schmaltzy classic rock nostalgia, came around eventually. Jawbreaker, Bikini Kill, and the Replacements all reunited during the 2010s. Operation Ivy could be next. Unless you’re pining for a Smiths or Fugazi reunion, there’s a good chance you’ll get your wish as long as there’s a couple thousand other diehards in a major city and the core band members are more or less still breathing. You could blame boomers for birthing the rock reunion industrial complex (and for the present-day financial straits that necessitate it) or you could compartmentalize your cynicism as the amps kick in, get ready for action, and scream along as guitarist Tom DeLonge yelps, “I GOT NO REGRET RIGHT NOW!”


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