Artist To Watch: Daneshevskaya

When Daneshevskaya announced her debut full-length Long Is The Tunnel at the end of August, she shared the sweeping single “Big Bird.” At two and a half minutes, it goes farther than most indie songs can reach. Anna Beckerman’s silky soprano leads fluttering synthesizers and fuzzy guitars: “For the last time/ I am whole,” she croons, the instrumentation capricious yet calculated, building until the euphoric end, marked by the squawking of seagulls. It’s as if she’s pondering her life while looking at the water, which is a motif on the record; on the sprawling opener “Challenger Deep,” she sings, “There’s a place where oceans meet/ And a darkness underneath/ Things I’m not meant to see.” Long Is The Tunnel plunges straight into those depths, finding beauty and peace even in the murk.


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