Amanda Palmer & The Righteous Babes – “The Last Day Of Our Acquaintaince” (Sinéad O’Connor Cover)

Last month, the great Sinéad O’Connor died at the way-too-young age of 56. I’m sure a lot of people have been binging O’Connor’s music hard since her passing, and I am definitely one of those people. Since Sinéad’s loss, the song that’s been hitting me hardest is “The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance,” a gut-twisting breakup ballad from her 1990 album I Do Not What What I Haven’t Want. Sinéad wrote and sang deeper song than that, but the way she sings that song is just unbelievable. (This live performance? Jesus fucking Christ.) After Sinéad’s death, a few brave artists have tried covering her songs — a seriously tall order. Now, the very brave Amanda Palmer has taken on “The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance” with some friends, making some big changes but honoring the power of the original.


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