Album Of The Week: Tozcos Infernal

We love weeks like this. We complain about weeks like this, but we love them. The music business is a tireless beast, and it only really slows down for a few moments per year — times like SXSW week, or the last couple of weeks of the year. Thanksgiving is one of those moments. The neverending, exhausting firehose-spray of new music slows to a trickle. Since we at Stereogum are committed to anointing an Album Of The Week on virtually every week of the year, that forces us to go into scramble mode, to really get our critic brains working, when there isn’t too much new music out. And that’s how an album like Infernal, the sophomore LP from the Southern California punk band Tozcos, can get the kind of recognition that might’ve otherwise evaded it.


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