Album Of The Week: Florry The Holey Bible

She’s gone country! When Francie Medosch started Florry as a teen, it was a bedroom indie rock project inspired by late 20th century indie-rock pillars like riot grrrl, twee, and Sonic Youth. The music on 2018’s Brown Bunny showed great promise — enough to be distributed by Priests’ great Sister Polygon label — but things got properly intriguing, if significantly less cohesive, on 2021’s Big Fall. Released on 12XU, the boutique imprint run by Matador’s Gerard Cosloy, the album grafted everything from honky-tonk pedal steel to club-ready retro keyboards into Florry’s DIY rock foundation. That one was a transitional release, spurred on by COVID isolation and the usual coming-of-age explorations. The metamorphosis continued as pandemic restrictions loosened and Medosch built out a band for live shows, evolving Florry into the formidable roots-rock enterprise heard on LP3.


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